Lego Toy Fair 2016 Gallery

The Lego Toy Fair 2016 booth is bursting with new series and new sets in existing series! We’ve got a small sample of everything shown right here.


We already showed off many of the new Star Wars Lego sets yesterday, but now we’ve got an avalanche of new items at the Lego Toy Fair 2016 booth!

There is a huge Batman 66 Lego set that includes Batmobile, Batcopter & even two Batpoles leading down into a Bat Cave! The card set up next to the display appears to show the price point of this massive set is $269.99! Given that you get 3 vehicles, 9 Minifigs (Including Alfred, Dick, Bruce, Batman, Robin, Joker, Riddler, Catwoman & Penguin) plus a gigantic Batcave with Wayne Manor office, this price seems fairly reasonable.

Along with the new Batman 66 Lego licensed series are the new movie Ghostbusters and Angry Birds. Ghostbusters has the four ladies of the upcoming comedy, a ghost, motorcycle and an Ecto-1. Abgry Birds gets a lot of new sets including a large castle set that looks pretty cool.

Marvel Lego comes back with sets for the upcoming Civil War movie including, I believe, the first minifig movie version of Falcon! On the comics side, we have some cool Spiderman sets including a giant bridge set, but what got my attention was a super cool set with Hobgoblin and Ghost Rider!

The DC Lego sets are back too with sets that seem inspired by Suicide Squad and there are smaller “Mighty Micros” sets for both DC and Marvel.

Disney Princesses are represented with a nice looking Beauty & the Beast and Rapunzel sets. Disney Junior has many Duplo sets including classic Disney characters like Mickey & Donald and other sets with more modern characters like Sophia the First.

Nexo Knights and Elves are tacking both the boys & girls aisles with cool dragon sets in the Elves line and a mobile castle set in the Nexo Knights line.

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