Lego Ideas Avengers Helicarrier Project

You guys have to check out this awesome Lego Idea campaign. I dont think it stands a chance but that is due to the shear size of this build. Over 22k bricks went into this beast and it’s safe to say the Helicarrier is huge. If you would like to support this project then click here and join in on the fun and who knows, I have been wrong before.

Avengers Helicarrier

LDD 4.3 + LDD to POVray converter1.2.11 + POV ray 3.7  
272 x 144 studs (217 x 115 cm) (85.4 x 45.3 inches)
22,694 bricks 

As soon as I first saw the “helicarrier” in Avengers, I was fascinated by its design and magnificence. Designing the helicarrier with Lego was quite challenging and it took me a while to complete the job. 

Based upon two dimensional pictures, I tried to measure the proportions of the helicarrier as accurate as I could. And then, I converted them with Stud to design the ship with Lego. By reviewing the still images and other pictures, I did my best to design the ship as similar as the one in the movie. As it was almost impossible to express the underside of the helicarrier with Lego, I modified it a little bit.

The total span of the ship was about 217 x 115 cm (= 85.4 x 45.3 inches) and a total of 22,694 bricks were used. The basic frame was made with Technic brick and Connector Peg. I used SNOT (Stud Not On Top) method to form the exterior of the ship with SNOT-outs and SNOT-ins. As it was done on LDD and SNOT method was used a little too much, a few modifications might be need for a real model. In addition, durability has to be strengthened. Lastly, as I did this job on LDD extended mode, I used many bricks with colors that were not available today.

1446895-002-f.Rt.obl 1446897-003 1446899-004-r.Lt.obl.45 (1) 1446899-004-r.Lt.obl.45 1446901-005-front 1446903-006-Lt 1446905-007-Rt 1446907-008-rear 1446909-009-f.Lt.obl.10 1446911-010-f.Rt.obl.10 1446913-011-superior 1446915-012-f.bottom.Lt.obl 1446917-013-r.bottom.Lt.obl 1446919-014-r.bottom.Rt.obl 1446921-015-f.bottom.Rt.obl 1446925-016-bottom 1446927-017-bottom 1446929-018 1446931-019 1446933-020 1446935-021 1446937-022 1446939-023 1446941-024 1446943-025 1446945-026 1446951-028 1446953-029 1446955-030 1446957-031 1446959-032 1446961-033 1446963-034 1446965-035 1446967-036 1446969-037