Legion of Super-Heroes Returns In An Ongoing Series!

It was just yesterday that we highlighted the DC Millennium teases put out by Brian Michael Bendis. Today word came down that DC Millennium will be a two-issue prelude to put various well-known DC futures into a cohesive, continuous timeline. It will all culminate with a new, ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes. The first issue of Millennium will feature a Supergirl story drawn by Jim Lee, Batman Beyond by Dustin Nguyen, Kamandi by Andrea Sorrentino, and Tommy Tomorrow by André Lima Araújo. The second issue will have Booster Gold by Nicola Scott, OMAC by Jim Cheung, ‘Off-World’ by Jeff Dekal, and Legion of Super-Heroes by Ryan Sook.

The cohesive female character to tie all of this together will be a yet unnamed, but called a familiar face to DC fans. She finds herself immortal. It’s unknown if this character has shown up anywhere in the teaser images. Early speculation centers around a character in  the Superman family. Lois Lane and Lana Lang first come to mind based on the preview images. We’ve shared these preview images below this paragraph. Most often, the character is being shown with red hair, leading one to believe it’s Lana Lang.

Preview Art:

The New Legion Series

The other big news out of this is a new ongoing Legion series by Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook. Whether or not this is a reboot is still in the air. However, it’s looking likely as Bendis has referred to this as the first time any of the characters appear in this iteration of the DC Universe.

We also don’t know precisely which Legionnaires will be included in the roster. We did get some of Ryan Sook’s character designs for the new book. We’ve included these designs below. We could also infer the new logo for the book, based on the top of all of the character design sheets.

We also see a new, more alien appearance for Chameleon Boy. For a character that’s a shape changer, it’s not out of line. However, fans could be uneasy about another reboot for the Legion. This is a team that has three major versions in their history, and two or three variations within.  This doesn’t include Elseworlds tales like Superboy’s Legion.

There’s naturally some fan dislike for Bendis souring fans on what would otherwise be good news. Bendis does draw attention to titles, both good and bad. Critically, his work for DC Comics has been well received. It’s very likely that sales on the new Legion series will be strong, at least initially.

If the newly immortal character in Millennium is indeed Lana Lang, then it would be interesting to see if Bendis acknowledges her history with the Legion as Insect Queen. Most likely, if it is mentioned or alluded to, it’ll be as an Easter Egg for long-time Legion fans.

No matter how this new direction for the Legion ends up, we’ll all get our first look at it this fall. Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 goes on sale September 19. 

Ryan Sook’s Character Designs: