As if we did not see this one coming. I have to admit one thing, Image puts out some amazing books.

The first issue of LAZARUS, the new dystopian Image Comics series by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, has sold out the day of its release. Called “absolutely riveting, complex and stunning” by Comic Book Resources, LAZARUS #1 is immediately going back to press. The second printing will be in stores on July 24, the same day as LAZARUS #2.


The story of Forever, an apparently-immortal young woman, who was created as a lethal bodyguard and enforcer for the powerful Carlyle family, LAZARUS is set in a society that is at once highly futuristic and regressively feudal. Concentrated wealth and technological knowledge has put a few families in control of the lives who those who work for them, and Forever’s job is to maintain her family’s hold on power.


As writer Rucka recounted in interviews at the New York Post and Beyond Chron, Forever’s story and society was influenced by the Occupy Movement’s concern about economic inequality. While gratified at the new series’ success, Rucka is hesitant to ascribe political motivations behind the success of LAZARUS, though he does feel the comic speaks to people’s present experiences.


“I’m not sure I’d claim that we’ve hit a particular chord or social note, but I do think Michael and I are talking about — at least as backdrop — a scenario driven by some very real-world concerns,” said Rucka. “Not that we’re all headed to a genetically engineered future, or that the economic situation will become as dire and dark as we’ve painted it; but the fact is, we’re living in a very unstable world, and economic instability is part of that, despite recent gains. I have friends who are worried about where their next meal is coming from, whether or not they’ll be able to fill their gas tank, never mind their concerns for their future and the future of their children. That’s our reality right now, and it doesn’t take much imagination to extrapolate that to its worst.”