Last Chance Pre-Orders for NECA.

This is your last chance to pre-order the Comic Con International exclusives from NECA. NECA stated on their Facebook page that “Last chance pre-orders will go live on on Wednesday, July 13 at 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST)”. This window will be small, so have you refresh key ready so you don’t miss out. If you do miss this opportunity, it will all be alright, you can still get your hands on these at Comic Con San Diego at there booth only (booth number 3145). But of course, this will all be limited quantity so get there early so wont have to wait too long in the lines.

These exclusives include:

X-Force Deadpool and Spider Gwen Head Knockers

Both are of 500 units with a fun bobble head.


Spider gwen

TMNT 1989 arcade appearance Turtles and Foot clan

Both sets are limited run of 3,000 and include the four displayed figures for each set.


Foot clan


Newt from Aliens (1986)

Limited run of 3,000, 7 inch scale figures.


AvP cloaked scar Predator

Limited run of 3,000, size is not specified