Kre-O Class of 1985 SDCC Exclsuive Box Set Revealed

We knew Hasbro was going to give us a Transformers Kre-O set but what could it be? Following up on last year’s Kreon Class of `84 set, Gizmodo Toyland reports that Hasbro will be bringing the class of 1985 to Comic Con International this year! Featuring the vast majority of the toys introduced in 1985 plus Alpha Trion and this Kreon set will run $60. Look for fan favorites such as Jetfire, Grimlock, Astrotrain, the Seekers, Omega Supreme and much more in this awesome limited edition set. Each figure will also come with character specific accessories. Look for this bad boy to sell out quickly and remember will have a limited amount on their site after the show. Good luck in securing this one folks, you will need it.

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