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Any kid from the 90’s remembers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the evil brain from Dimension X, Krang. In the toyline there was the huge Krangs Android Body that housed Krang in it’s stomach that towered over all of the other figures in the line…..but did you know there was also a regular sized Android Body?

1994 there were only two figures released in the main line, Robotic Foot Soldier and Krangs Android Body. There were a ton of figures released that year, but all of those were in some subset (Pizza Tossing Turtles, Shoguns, Star Trek, etc…) We had already had a Krangs Android Body figure for three years, but it was about 11 inches tall and priced like a large vehicle. Until 1994, the only carded figure Krang you could get was the main brain in a small, mechanical chair.

Krangs 001This 5″ tall Krangs Android Body looks just like the larger version. The detailing in the sculpt and the paint job is pretty much the same as is the articulation. He has swivel joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists and hips. This basically makes the figure only stand around flailing his arms, but that’s pretty much all he did on the cartoon too, so it kinda works out.


Krangs 002Krang stands taller than Shredder, but Shredder’s pose makes him shorter. I like having a 5″ tall Krang because this is pretty much how he was in the cartoon all of the time. Only a few times did Krangs Android Body grow to skyscraper proportions. Also, you can’t use the large android body inside the Terrordrome playset, so you definitely needed a smaller version.


Krangs 003Krangs 004Just like the larger version, this Android Body has an opening door in his stomach and a small Krang that can come out. The small Krang has a similar facial expression as the larger version, but there is no articulation in the tendrils.


Interestingly enough, the tiny Krang brain has been re-issued, but the Android Body has not. In 2009-2010 Playmates released the 25th anniversary TMNT line (It was celebrating 25 years of the comic existing, the 25 year mark for the toys was actually 2013) One of the last figures to be re-issued in that anniversary line was Shredder who came with a tiny Krang. The Krang he came with was a re-issue of the one that came with this Android Body. The tiny Krangs are both almost exactly the same, the only difference I’ve seen between the two is that the vintage one is glossier while the paint on the re-issue is duller. The teeth on the newer one also seems to have been sprayed on and therefore is fainter, but this could just be a difference with this particular figure, and not a widespread difference over all of the re-issued figures.

Krangs 005

Krangs 006Krangs 007Krangs Android Body also comes with some weapons (unlike the larger counterpart) We have an “Attachable Cranium Claw” that can fit on either hand (it fits on the left hand easier) and an “Android Lazer Blaster” that fits over the left hand


Krangs 008Fitting on the right arm is a “Dimensional Communicator” Why it fits on his arm like an arm band rather than having a handle to be held by his hand, I’ll never know. Maybe the designers though it was more futuristic or technological to have it wrap around his arm.



Krangs 009One of my favorite accessories with Krangs Android Body is the tiny “Mutant Mobile Walker” This is a small reproduction of the mechanical walker that the larger Krang brain comes with. Unlike the larger version, there are no articulated points on this walker, but the sculpting detail is dead on and looks good.



And that’s a look at the 1994 five inch Krang’s Android Body. While many people will say bigger is better, in this case, I like the smaller version the best. Mind you, I was hunting the larger version when I mistakenly bought the 5″ body off ebay one day with no Krang in it. Imagine my shock when I opened the small box expecting an 11″ figure. Like I said earlier, this is how Krang was shown in most of the cartoon and this is the only Android Body that will be able to fit into the Technodrome playset so I consider him a must have. He may not be as expensive as a complete 11″ Android will run you, but he’s not cheap either. As of right now, he goes for $30-$80 depending on level of completeness.

Krangs 010