Kotobukiya SDCC 2013 Second Look!

Kotobukiya had some kick ass collectibles on display at SDCC. I think we need to take a second look just in case we missed something. We did get a good look at the upcoming Mara Jade art work. I do believe this will be a part of our anniversary give-a-way next year (more on that latter). For now, enjoy the gallery.

IMG_0404_1024x768 IMG_0405_1024x768 IMG_0406_1024x768 IMG_0407_1024x768 IMG_0408_1024x768 IMG_0409_1024x768 IMG_0410_1024x768 IMG_0411_1024x768 IMG_0412_1024x768 IMG_0413_1024x768 IMG_0414_1024x768 IMG_0415_1024x768 IMG_0416_1024x768 IMG_0417_1024x768 IMG_0418_1024x768 IMG_0419_1024x768 IMG_0420_1024x768 IMG_0421_1024x768 IMG_0422_1024x768 IMG_0423_1024x768 IMG_0424_1024x768 IMG_0425_1024x768 IMG_0426_1024x768 IMG_0427_1024x768 IMG_0428_1024x768 IMG_0429_1024x768 IMG_0430_1024x768 IMG_0431_1024x768 IMG_0432_1024x768 IMG_0433_1024x768 IMG_0434_1024x768 IMG_0435_1024x768 IMG_0436_1024x768 IMG_0437_1024x768 IMG_0438_1024x768 IMG_0439_1024x768 IMG_0550_1024x768 IMG_0551_1024x768 IMG_0552_1024x768 IMG_0553_1024x768 IMG_0554_1024x768 IMG_0555_1024x768