Kotobukiya Avengers Hulk ARTFX Statue Photoshoot

Here is the first of the Marvel Now Avengers ARTFX Statues. As you can see the Hulk is damn impressive and spot on as far as detail goes. If the rest of the line looks like this then we are definitely in for a wild ride. One look and you can see Kotobukiya went all in with this one. Like I already mentioned the detail is perfect and truly shows the power of this character. Hulk has some hefty weight added to boot so he stays where you place him. Kotobukiya also included two display stands. Hulk has some magnets in his feet to help him stay in place. Now the magnets are not that strong but trust me, he is not going anywhere. If anyone from Kotobukiya reads this I would like to say thank you for such an amazing piece of artwork. Keep it up!

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