Kim & Kim : Love Is A Battlefield #2 – Review

So, there are comics that really connect with a reader not because they’re entertaining, or drawn well, or because the characters are interesting, but because they are about something more personal and intimate. Kim & Kim: Love Is A Battlefield looks to be one of those books.

KIM & KIM: Love Is A Battlefield #2

Written by: Magdalene Visaggio
Illustrated by: Eva Cabrera
Colored by: Claudia Aguirre
Lettered by: Zakk Saam
Cover by: Tess Fowler
Cover Colored by: Matt Wilson

The Fighting Kims are broke and stranded. So what do they do about it? The answer, as usual, is “nothing helpful.” Featuring a journey into the afterlife and an action scene in a fruit stand and also some legit relationship stuff. And now it’s an Eisner-nominated series!

The first issue was a little rocky for me. I was expecting something much like the first series, and true to real life, these characters have grown in the time between those stories. This is a sign of a great writer. Characters that are stagnant over the years become less and less interesting over time. Characters that evolve and grow are rarer, even outside of comics. It’s unfortunate that corporate ownership of intellectual property has made this trait even more scarce than it should be.

This comic has also revealed itself to be about dealing with your past, especially when it violates your identity. “You’re the smart one” is said once again in this issue and it becomes obvious that what we’re dealing with is one of the Kims trying to correct the perception that there was a time when she wasn’t the smart one. Unfortunately, it looks like she’s got to learn the hard way that even if you are “the smart one,” you can still have your heart broken by someone out to hurt you. It’s really great in a comic when the characters are going through something other than the motions of stereotypical comic book protagonists.

The art is also really refreshing. Everyone stands out as unique, and the science fiction setting doesn’t overshadow the story or the characters. The magical elements don’t seem out of place and look completely mundane, making them believable. This book looks really good and sets itself apart from most other comics out there. It’s the look that fans of independent, alternative comics might be able to latch onto for the story that rides the delicate balance between science fiction and a thoughtful character study.

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Rating: 9.0 (out of 10)