Jughead #2 Review

I was a little disappointed by the first issue of Jughead, but with the second issue promising the return of the Time Police, I just had to read Jughead #2. Would it delivery the quality that I’ve come to expect from Chip Zdarsky, much less the quality I’m currently expecting from Archie Comics?

If I told you now, there’d be no reason for you keep reading, would there?

Jughead#2-webJUGHEAD #2

Script: Chip Zdarsky
Art: Erica Henderson, Jack Morelli
Cover: Erica Henderson
Variant Covers: Veronica Fish, Francesco Francavilla, Robert Hack with Steve Downer, Les McClaine with Steve Downer
On Sale Date: 11/18
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


Zdarsky and Henderson return with the next issue of the all-new Jughead! Things continue to be amiss at Riverdale High as Coach Clayton gets replaced by a tough-as-nails, take-no-prisoner Phys-Ed teacher! Can he be stopped or will Jughead have to become… physically active? The answer lies in the far future…

Variant Covers:

Jughead#2FF-web Jughead#2Fishvar-web Jughead#2Hackvar-web Jughead#2McClainevar-web


Yes, this issue is much better, and for the most part, it stands on its own, although there is a summary at the beginning explaining the new principal of Riverdale High, but that wasn’t even needed. Chip Zdarsky had characters in the story explain the situation and how bleak it is for the students. We even see Kevin Keller make an appearance and once again, we get a peek at the new Riverdale’s Reggie Mantle. He’s got to do something soon, otherwise I’m going to worry about his relevance.

The Time Police are handled excellently, and Erica Henderson draws the time travel marvelously. While Chip’s story gives the impression that this could be a dream Jughead is having, it leaves room for it to be actually happening. Erica draws it as if it’s a dream, which works, given how real and grounded the new Riverdale seems. I mention Chip and Erica together because they mesh so well in this issue, which is a testament to how well they work together and how smart it was to get them for this comic. Even Erica’s coloring is on point for this issue. Chip’s handling of how to effectively use Time Travel harkens to Bill & Ted because it works so well without causing paradox.

I can’t go without mentioning the back-up reprint of a 1950 Jughead story. Chip’s intro to it makes me desperately want him to write in Jughead’s uncle. I can’t go more in depth except to say it’s completely worth reading this one page of text from Chip Zdarsky since it gives a little insight into the type of writer he’s trying to be on Juhead.

It’s totally worth picking this issue up. I would also recommend that if you are into the variant covers, pick up the one by Les McClaine. It’s my favorite of the lot of them.


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