Joe Declassified Podcast EPISODE 9: GUY CASSADAY -PART 1

We would like for you guys and gals to check out this very special Podcast from the Joe Declassified team. I know we are not a “Joe” site but we are a site that covers everything within our hobby. It’s no secret that I am a G.I. Joe fan and everyone knows we are running a month long special with a G.I. Joe theme. This Podcast features the legendary G.I. Joe vehicle designer Guy Cassaday and is hosted by industry leaders Gary “Goggles” Head, Chris Murray and Kevin Watts. If you have a desire to learn more about the world of G.I. Joe then this is it. Joe Declassified looks into the hidden world of Joe and trust me, there is so much to learn and explore within this hobby.

Joe Declassified has provided images and links to more images concerning the vehicles discussed in the Podcast. Not only will you hear about these toys, you can click through and check out what they are actually talking about. We mirrored only 3 here and trust me, this does not even scratch the surface. This is one of many reasons why Joe Declassified rules the hidden world of G.I. Joe. With all of that said, lets continue our month long G.I. Joe event! Yo Joe!!

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