Joe Con Cobra Septic Tank MKII Gallery!

I was not going to buy this vehicle, I thought it was an abomination. I was really hoping the Club was going to get the Retaliation Hiss Tank. While I waited in line to buy my swag I kept looking over at the Club display case. This was a mistake as I was starting to warm up to this tank. By the time I got in the Club store I knew what was going to transpire; I was walking out with the Cobra Septic Tank MKII. I know it’s not perfect but in the end this tank warmed my stone cold heart.

Check it out below and maybe, just maybe it will win you over as well. The deco is fitting for the theme and yes, this mold survived and hopefully we will get more from this mold. The only drawback is the figure pegs will not work with the modern figures. This is a small issue and I know it would have cost the Club dearly to fix it. Still, this is a freaking awesome Hiss Tank!

Note, the Hiss MKII did not include a figure.

IMG_5954_1024x683 IMG_5955_1024x683 IMG_5957_1024x683 IMG_5959_1024x683 IMG_5960_1024x683 IMG_5962_1024x683 IMG_5963_1024x683 IMG_5964_1024x683 IMG_5965_1024x683 IMG_5966_1024x683 IMG_5967_1024x683 IMG_5968_1024x683 IMG_5969_1024x683 IMG_5970_1024x683 IMG_5971_1024x683 IMG_5972_1024x683 IMG_5973_1024x683 IMG_5974_1024x683 IMG_5975_1024x683 IMG_5976_1024x683 IMG_5977_1024x683 IMG_5978_1024x683 IMG_5979_1024x683 IMG_5980_1024x683 IMG_5981_1024x683 IMG_5983_1024x683 IMG_5984_1024x683 IMG_5985_1024x683 IMG_5986_1024x683 IMG_5987_1024x683 IMG_5988_1024x683 IMG_5989_1024x683 IMG_5990_1024x723 IMG_5991_1024x683 IMG_5993_1024x691 IMG_5994_1024x683 IMG_5995_1024x683 IMG_5996_1024x710