Joe Con 2014, That’s A Wrap!!

Oh how time passes by when you’re having fun and this show was indeed fun. In fact, to many it was down right amazing. Sure we had some issues at the show such as the Crazy Legs debacle and who knows, the Club might fix that issue in the near future. It was not perfect but it was a blast. We must give the Club a hand in pulling this one off. The amount of work that goes into this show is mind boggling! They had some killer guests such as Michael Bell, Larry Hama, B.J. Ward, Michael Dobson and many more! I know many fans enjoyed their interaction with these Joelebrities. The panels were enjoyable and the highlights for me was the voice acting reading and the Joe Declassified panel. I am sure the others were awesome but those were the only two that I attended.

The Club annual Casino Night was a blast and we all got to see one hell of an amazing cake! Hasbro missed a good party indeed but in the end, the fans gave Joe a wonderful Birthday bash. The costume contest was a joy and did you guys see what figure one the custom contest? So much to see and so many people to talk to was the common problem for everyone….there was just not enough time! All in all, it was a blast and tearful at the same time. It’s always sad to see it end and saying good buy to friends is never easy. Till next time, Yo Joe!!!

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