Joe Con 2014 Boss Fight!

Boss Fight was in the house and they brought all their toys! Check out the sculpts for their original figure line and also check out their work on different Con pieces and FSS figures. Tons of good stuff here folks so enjoy!

IMG_5742_1024x683 IMG_5743_1024x683 IMG_5744_1024x683 IMG_5745_1024x683 IMG_5746_1024x683 IMG_5747_1024x683 IMG_5748_1024x683 IMG_5749_1024x683 IMG_5750_1024x683 IMG_5751_1024x683 IMG_5752_1024x683 IMG_5753_1024x683 IMG_5754_1024x683 IMG_5755_1024x683 IMG_5756_1024x683 IMG_5759_1024x683 IMG_5760_1024x683 IMG_5761_1024x683 IMG_5763_1024x683 IMG_5764_1024x683 IMG_5765_1024x683 IMG_5766_1024x683 IMG_5767_1024x683 IMG_5768_1024x683 IMG_5769_1024x683 IMG_5770_1024x683 IMG_5771_1024x683 IMG_5772_1024x683 IMG_5773_1024x683 IMG_5774_1024x683 IMG_5775_1024x683