Jennie Breeden: Artist Of The Week

Jennie Breeden has been at this webcomics thing for a little while. She started The Devils Panties in 2001, and pretty much hasn’t stopped. As you would expect, the quality has gotten better over time, and today we have a polished, daily webcomic about a young married couple, that just happen to make comics.

She’s done some other webcomics, too, one very NSFW, and has collected her stuff regularly. Going through her archives is a deep rabbit hole, but I would recommend starting around mid-2009 when her life changed and we see her development really flourish, both artistically and as a person. Weekends are especially good on her site, with Saturdays featuring a simple black box with a word balloon demonstrating “What Not To Say In The Bedroom.” Sundays feature a single illustration, many showcasing the pure artistic chops Jennie has.

Jennie does a lot of conventions, so chances are that you can meet her pretty easily. Buying her stuff is very easy as well, as she’s collected stuff into various volumes. We’ve also included a gallery of some of her Sunday illustrations, so enjoy. Then go buy some of her stuff.

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