Jazwares Halo Line Revealed- Toy Fair 2020

Jazwares now has the Halo License and they look amazing. A quick figure history 1st was Joyride they were big and bulky but ok. Then McFarlane who looked beautiful but has breaking issues, scale changes causing inconsistencies. Mattel then tried and they simply missed the mark in quality.

Now Jazwares has taken the baton and they are running with it! Jazwares has the Licenese to all the games starting with 3.75 size with tons of detail and articulation. They are strting off with characters from single packs along with  Verseses 2packs and a scaled Warthog right out of the gate.

They are also doing 6 inch figures that look amazing in person metallic paint applications work perfectly on the characters. Each figure will come with an in game code that will always give you a new item in game (unlike the codes on McFarlane’s Destiny figures for example).

Lastly there will be roleplay items for the younger fans but for the old fan a full size wearable Master Chief Helmet with LCD lights (Think Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet but Halo).