Jaws Reaction Figures Quint Review

Reaction Figures brought us Jaws toys so of course we need a captain who’s been sharking for a living. Today we’re looking at The Orca‘s captain, Quint!


Jaws Reaction Quint 01

Quint‘s card is no different than the other Jaws Reaction Figures, except for the name above the bubble. I still really like the artwork and don’t believe I’ll ever tire of it.


Jaws Reaction Quint 02

Quint has the same level of detail as Brody & Hooper. He’s decked out in the same clothes he wore during most of the movie.


Jaws Reaction Quint 03

The face sculpt has many of those small details I love about the Brody figure. They look good here too, but this figure looks less like the actor than the other Jaws Reaction Figures.


Jaws Reaction Quint 04

Quint comes with his harpoon rifle. It fits very well in either hand, but suffers the same issues as Chief Brody‘s rifle in that the figure can’t hold it in a natural firing position.


Jaws Reaction Quint 05

Quint is a necessity (especially if Funko ever makes an Orca playset/vehicle that these figures REALLY need) But he falls a little short out of all three figures to me. I don’t know why, it’s a good figure with great details and has a nice vintage appeal, but it’s just not quite Quint to me. Perhaps he’s needs a bit more of a mischievous scowl rather than the stern disapproving look he has now, I really don’t know.

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Jaws Reaction Quint 06

Jaws Reaction Quint 07

Jaws Reaction Quint 08