Jaws Reaction Figures Hooper Review

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the toy aisle, Funko‘s Reaction Figures brought out a Jaws toyline! Continuing from yesterday’s review, we’re looking at Oceanographer, Matt Hooper today.


Jaws Reaction Hooper 01

Like with Chief Brody, Hooper‘s card is the generic card with the iconic Jaws movie poster on it.


Jaws Reaction Hooper 02

Hooper is seen here dressed from the same scenes as the Brody figure was. He also has the same level of sculpted details that make this line one of the better Reaction Figures lines.


Jaws Reaction Hooper 03

The face sculpt doesn’t seem as detailed as Brody‘s, but Hooper is supposed to be a younger guy and the hair that covers most of the face is nicely detailed. One sculpted detail I’d like to point out here is just under Hooper‘s shirt collar. There’s two lines on the undershirt, these two tiny details change the undershirt from some generic grey t-shirt to the sweater Hooper wears in the movie under his denim jacket. It’s a tiny detail that shows whoever sculpted this figure, was making it as accurate as possible to the on screen character.


Jaws Reaction Hooper 04

Hooper comes with a camera for his only accessory. The camera is nicely detailed with all the typical 35mm camera buttons and flash attachment port details.


Jaws Reaction Hooper 05

The camera has a sculpted strap that fits nicely over Hooper‘s head. It was a nice surprise to find the camera can be held in either hand, though I do wish the strap could be bent downward when Hooper holds the camera.

Jaws Reaction Hooper 06


Jaws Reaction Hooper 07

Hooper is a good Reaction Figure. Like Brody, he has a nice vintage feel to him with some good sculpted details in the body. I kinda wish he came with an air tank or maybe shark tracker, but the camera is very nice and a welcome addition. Perhaps some of those other accessories could come with a Hooper in scuba gear with Shark Cage? (He said in a hopeful tone)

I still like Brody best so far, but Hooper is a good figure and you’ll need all three for the whole crew.

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Jaws Reaction Hooper 08

Jaws Reaction Hooper 09