Jaws Reaction Figures Final Battle Shark & Quint Review

Reaction Figures‘ Summer Convention Exclusive this year is a Jaws gift set with the Great White Shark and Quint in their “Final Battle” appearance! Oh yes, there will be blood….


Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 01

Quint and the Great White Shark come packaged in a vintage styled window box with back flap. It showcases the same Jaws movie poster artwork that the other figures in the line have and includes blood splatters on the window due to this being the final battle versions of both characters. Quint is packaged inside the Shark’s mouth.

Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 02

The back of the box shows all the regular figures in the Jaws Reaction Figures Toyline. There is also a screengrab of Brody battling the Shark on the mast of the sinking Orca.

Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 03

The box is sealed like vintage boxes with both side flaps glued shut, similar to the old MOTU packaging from the 80’s. While this is very nostalgic and probably prevents (or warns of possible theft/tampering) I have always hated this style of sealing. I’d rather have tape holding a flap shut that can be re-closed. The sides also feature more of the movie poster art.


Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 04

Final Battle Quint is seen looking just like he did in the movie as the Shark dragged his corpse off the sinking Orca, which is basically a bloody version of how he looked throughout the movie sans hat.


Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 05

Quint‘s headsculpt appears to be a retool of the regular headsculpt with where the hat starts being different, now there is his bandanna and hair. Since the face is the same on both figures, Quint still seems slightly off in appearance. This figure doubly so as the calm bland expression really doesn’t work well for the scene. His face really should be in a grimace or show some expression since he’s getting bit by a shark.

The rest of his body is the same but with blood splatters all over. Oddly enough, the shoes are now a different color. Perhaps the regular figure’s shoes were made tan so that all three of the figures didn’t have similar colored shoes or maybe the reference info Funko was given showed two different colored shoes. I’m not sure why the shoes are different but it’s not a big deal and I didn’t even notice the difference at first.

Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 06


Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 07

Quint comes with the machete seen used in the movie. At first, I thought it had this odd shape to appear like it was going into the Shark’s skin, but after re-watching Jaws, I noticed that this is the same shape as the one used in the movie. It fits well in either hand.


Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 08

Now we get to the real star of Jaws, the Great White Shark! As previously mentioned, this is the final battle version so there’s blood splatters all over the mouth. The sculpt is a very good shark sculpt and there are some nice scar details added on and around the face. The jaw opens and closes.


Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 09

Unfortunately, the Shark is very top heavy due to how his lower fins are positioned. While this is a nice realistic sculpt, I do think having the lower fins positioned outward may have added a nice toyettic design that would allow the Shark to be displayed without the aid of a stand.


Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 10

As we saw in the packaged shots, Quint fits well inside the Shark’s mouth. I would have liked the movable jaw to have a little more friction in the hinges, as it is, the weight of the Quint figure can cause the mouth to open to it’s full width and Quint falls right out of the Shark’s mouth.


Jaws Reaction Bloody Shark 11

I really do like the mold of the Shark. It looks just like “Bruce” in the movie and is a great addition to an already wonderful Reaction Figures toyline. I’d recommend this being the Shark to get as it does come with the variant Quint figure. The regular Shark is cheaper, but only comes with an airtank (Which is the only accessory I’m really missing for dio shots) Since this is a summer convention exclusive, it should be able to be found at a few different conventions and not just SDCC (I got this one from Toys R Us‘ website and saw a few in a local TRU a month or so ago)

This is the first Reaction Figures toyline where I’ve collected the majority of the entire toyline (Only missing regular Shark) I love just about everything Funko has done with Jaws and there is really only one more item I REALLY, REALLY hope they’ll make………..an Orca sharking boat! It doesn’t have to be fancy, just your basic ship, add in a few loose barrels and a breakaway rear wall and I’ll buy it ASAP!


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