Jaws Reaction Figures Chief Brody Review

Reaction Figures came back with a new line this summer and it’s a blockbuster! Jaws brought us the theatrical summer blockbuster and now we have a vintage styled toyline for that movie. Up first this week, Chief Martin Brody.


Jaws Reaction Brody 01

The card art for the Reaction Figures showcases the iconic Jaws Movie poster artwork rather than showing us a picture of the character like some of the other Reaction Figures have done in the past. The artwork really pops on the shelf and looks great dominating the right side of the card.

Jaws Reaction Brody 11

The back of the card is adorned with a screencap from Jaws with the Orca chasing the shark. The card also shows us the three figures in the line (Brody, Hooper & Quint) plus the Great White Shark


Jaws Reaction Brody 02

Chief Brody is your basic 5 points of articulation found in Reaction Figures and showcases Martin Brody‘s outfit from the final act of the movie where Brody, Hooper & Quint go hunting after the shark. From afar the sculpted details on the body look simple enough, but up close you can see there’s a good amount of wrinkles in the clothes and other sculpted details.


Jaws Reaction Brody 03

I was especially impressed with the head sculpt. This is where the Chief Brody figure shines in my opinion. The sculpt feels like a vintage sculpt to me. It’s kinda generic but with enough “character” sculpted into it that it feels like a person’s face.

If you look at the comparison of Brody with the vintage Kenner sculpt from the Alien Reaction Figures and the very generic Rocketeer head sculpt, you can see that Chief Brody has more little details added into the face like subtle brow wrinkles and minor dimples. In fact this sculpt looks more refined than the vintage Alien sculpt Ash has and is miles better than the rounded, generic face Cliff Secord was given. I also like the matte paint better than the sculpted flesh tone Cliff has.

Jaws Reaction Brody 04


Jaws Reaction Brody 05

Chief Brody comes with his service revolver and rifle. The revolver fits in both hands but can be pretty loose if you position it straight as the gun is very thin. The rifle is a bit thicker and therefore stays in both hands easier. However, due to the realistic nature of the rifle, it can’t really be held in a natural way for firing. Which is probably why many rifle accessories from the 80’s had a peg grip jutting down from the bottom of the gun. I used to hate that as a kid, but now I can see it’s a necessary evil.

Jaws Reaction Brody 06


Jaws Reaction Brody 07

Chief Brody is a perfect example of what I wanted Reaction Figures to be after the first wave of Alien figures came out. The sculpting has a wonderful vintage aesthetic that makes this figure fit in well with vintage figures of the same construction. I do wish the rifle worked a bit better for action shots so I could recreate Brody‘s “smile” scene, but otherwise, this is a great figure for fans of Jaws or vintage figures.

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