It’s officially Artist’s Edition month at IDW Comics!

The one thing I love about IDW is what they give the fans in terms of variants. I really dig their sub covers and if you ever get lucky and grab a sketch cover then good for you; i’m officially jealous. Check out what IDW has planned for GI. Joe and taker note, this is but the first with others to follow suit. Oh and if anyone could score me that Thomas B. Long variant sketch cover I would be thrilled! 

It’s officially Artist’s Edition month at IDW. What does that mean? It means that some of your favorite IDW titles will be available in three awesome ways throughout November!

A Cover = The usual cool cover for the release.
RI Cover = Art done in the style of IDW’s award-winning Artist’s Edition line.
SUB Cover = Blank sketch cover to be filled in however you like!

Check out IDW Graphic Artist, Thomas B. Long‘s sketch for SUB Cover of G.I. Joe: Real American Hero #208, out this Wednesday.


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