Iron Maiden Series 2 ReAction Coming Soon!

Super7 continues to bring awesome characters to life with the ReAction line and one of the best series of late deals with Iron Maiden. Coming next will will be series 2 for Iron Maiden and we will be getting some iconic Eddies. Read on for all the details and Up The Irons!

“SCREAM FOR ME, SUPER7!” Screaming out of your heavy metal dreams and into real life NEXT WEDNESDAY (1/22)! The Super7 collaboration with heavy metal legends Iron Maiden continues with the Limited Edition Wave 2 assortment: Stranger In A Strange Land Eddie (with CLOTH overcoat)! The Number of the Beast Album Cover Devil! Piece of Mind Eddie! Live After Death Eddie! Somewhere In Time Eddie (with CLEAR cyborg skull)! Flight Of Icarus Eddie (with wings AND flame thrower)! Twilight Zone 7-inch Single Ghost Eddie! Officially licensed and hella cool! UP THE IRONS! ReACTION FIGURES RULE, O.K.! We will see all you heshers next WEDNESDAY!