Introducing Boss Fight Studio

Boss Fight Studio, you’ve possibly heard their name in the GI Joe Discussion Facebook group but who are they and what do they want?

BFS 01 Logo

If you’ve bought a boy’s action figure from Hasbro in the past 7 years, chances are you’ve seen the talent of someone from Boss Fight Studio first hand. Formed in 2013, Boss Fight Studio is comprised of toy designers and artists that have worked on many toy lines for years now.

GI Joe, Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel Legends & Universe, Beyblade, Littlest Pet Shop & Chuck have all had toys worked on by one or more of the staff of Boss Fight Studio.

BFS 02 Dark Energon

BFS 03 Mara Jade

BFS 04 Storm Shadow

For the past year Boss Fight Studio has been doing work for Master Collector designing and sculpting parts for Transformer & GI Joe Subscription Services and Convention sets.

BFS 05 Rewind

BFS 06 Toxo Zombie


Very recently Boss Fight Studio has unveiled plans for their own 1:18th toyline! The first two figures are a Spartan and a Medusa

BFS 08 Medusa Head

BFS 09 Prototype Male Body

BFS 08 Spartan

Boss Fight Studio’s website shows there are 3 more themes for their toy line (Fantasy, Space Adventure and an as yet undetermined theme)

What few images we’ve seen of the Greek Mythology theme shows these to be well sculpted and interesting looking. What I’m really excited to see will be the Space Adventure figures. From the artwork shown on Boss Fight Studio’s website, it looks like it’ll be 50’s styled Space Adventures.

You can learn more about the Boss Fight Studio crew and what they’re working on by checking out their Website or their Facebook or Twitter accounts