Indie Spotlight Series 2 Dick Tracy Review

It’s been a long wait, but the first figures from Indie Spotlight Series 2 are starting to show up. Today we’re shining a spotlight on the first one….Dick Tracy!


IS2 Dick Tracy 01 MOC

The packaging is very collector friendly in that the bubble can be slid off of the card back which allows you to play with the figures, then put them back into the packaging for display or storage. The bubble is held on with tape when sealed. While I do like this packaging method for online toys, I’d hate to see this in a retail setting where shoplifters and repackers could take advantage of the easy open & close packaging. Buying second hand may also become a problem in the future as there may not be a surefire way to tell if you have a MOSC item.

The back of the card has a bio for the figure and shows off the rest of the figures in Series 2. This picture is slightly off as there have been a few changes to the Series 2 line up. According to GBJR Toys‘ webstore, Indie Spotlight Series 2 consists of: Dick Tracy in Trenchcoat, The Tick, King Zombie (From Deadworld) King Zombie Variant & Cassie (From Hack/Slash) There is also a Mail Away Arthur figure.

IS2 Dick Tracy 02 Line Up


IS2 Dick Tracy 03

Dick Tracy is seen here in his classic yellow trenchcoat. The figure has multiple hinged and ball joints giving him a fairly wide range of motion. The trenchcoat is made of a soft rubber material similar to clothes seen on wrestling figures in the past few years. Underneath the trenchcoat is a grey suit jacket made of the same rubber material. The torso is sculpted as a dress shirt and tie (I didn’t want to risk tearing the suit while taking it off so I don’t have a picture of the torso)

IS2 Dick Tracy 06 Suit

If it was possible I think I would have loved a pair of interchangeable grey arms to give the figure a jacketless look


IS2 Dick Tracy 04 Head

Dick Tracy also comes with his yellow fedora. The hat just sits on the head and can easily fall off. I think some sort of small bumps or tabs on the inside of the hat could have helped it clip onto the figure’s hair and stay on without sacrificing the head sculpt.

Speaking of head sculpts, I’m really digging how Dick Tracy’s head looks here. The profile of the figure just screams Dick Tracy, from the squinty eyes down to the hook nose.

IS2 Dick Tracy 05 Profile


The figure has double jointed knees and elbows, unfortunately, the knees don’t bend back as much as I would expect with double knee joints, but the elbows don’t have that problem. They have a better range of motion. Both joints look wider than I’d like when they’re bent.

IS2 Dick Tracy 07 Knees IS2 Dick Tracy 08 Elbows


Along with the double jointed elbows, the arms have swivel/hinge shoulders and a swivel bicep joint just under the shoulder, the wrists are ball joints. The range of motion in the arms allows the figure to give classic poses like Dick talking on his radio watch.

IS2 Dick Tracy 09 Action


Dick Tracy comes with two left hands

IS2 Dick Tracy 10 Hands

At first glance they both look exactly the same except that one is painted, However, I’ve found that the painted one has a very slightly more open grip that allows the hand to grip the Tommy Gun better.

IS2 Dick Tracy 12 Action

As you can see the right hand has a trigger finger that can go into the trigger guard. I would advise against doing this though as after I removed the gun, the finger seemed a little bent out of shape and I worry that repeated bending may eventually break it off since the hands are a harder plastic than the soft rubber GI Joe hands are made of.


IS2 Dick Tracy 11 Gun

Dick Tracy’s Tommy Gun is made up of two parts, the main gun and the removable drum magazine. This is a nice feature in that you can have your figure posed changing magazines on the gun, it also helps in storage as the gun can lay flat without the magazine attached. The drum fits nicely in the gun’s groove and there is no danger of it falling off.


IS2 Dick Tracy 13 Compare

Dick Tracy measures up in size to the Toy Biz styled Marvel Legends or in this case, Legendary Comic Book Heroes Judge Dredd, but he stands almost a full head shorter than the MOTUC figures.


IS2 Dick Tracy 14 Action

I don’t know much about Dick Tracy, but this figure seems to be a good representation of the character. The head sculpt looks pretty spot on. I’m not crazy about the look of the elbow joints and I wish the hat would stay on better, but all in all, it’s a nice figure.

I don’t know if it’s just my figure or not, but the plastic feels very waxy to me, the Tick figure I’ll be reviewing tomorrow doesn’t feel this way so I’m thinking it may just be this one figure. Maybe there’s some mold release residue making it feel that way, I’m not sure.

IS2 Dick Tracy 15 Action

IS2 Dick Tracy 16 Title