In-Hand G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Figure Images!!

Thanks to the folks at ACToys we have new in-hand looks at the upcoming G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Figures which will be sold at Toys R’ Us and Big Bad Toy Store. Also take note of the paint apps on Leatherneck! Overall these figures will be a warm welcome to the collecting community and the wait is almost over. 

Here is a list of the 50th Anniversary product being released later this year:

  • – Snow Job vs. Arctic B.A.T.
  • – Lady Jaye vs. The Baroness
  • – Night Marksmen and Heated Battle Two-Packs
  • – Outnumbered Three-Packs – Eagle’s Edge, and Viper’s Pit
  • – Danger at the Docks Vehicle & Figure Pack 
  • – Battle Below Zero Vehicle & Figure Pack

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