Hot Wheels Star Trek USS Vengeance

Hot Wheels just came out with a new ship based on the movie Star Trek Into Darkness. The ship is Captain MarcusDreadnaught class USS Vengeance!


Hot Wheels USS Vengeance 01

The USS Vengeance is a part of the 2014 HW City series, number 75 out of 250.


Hot Wheels USS Vengeance 02

Hot Wheels USS Vengeance 03

The ship’s body is diecast metal while the nacelles are plastic. The whole ship has a dark silver metallic paint deco. The saucer section has a cut out V and appears just like it does in the movie. The bottom of the ship has a hole in it for the included display stand.


Hot Wheels USS Vengeance 04

The display stand is basic black plastic with a Star Fleet Federation logo.


Hot Wheels USS Vengeance 05

The USS Vengeance Hot Wheel model isn’t to scale with the USS Enterprise they released last year, but this is a basic Hot Wheels model and they aren’t always in scale with each other.

Hot Wheels USS Vengeance 06

Though with a little perspective trickery you can come close to approximating the right scales.


Hot Wheels USS Vengeance 07

The display stand is also a bit different from the USS Enterprise one. The USS Vengeance stand is slightly bigger and has a tab added to the peg that plugs into the ship.


Hot Wheels USS Vengeance 08 Title

For under $1 you can’t go wrong with this toy. You get a fairly accurate model of the USS Vengeance that’s a little over 2 inches long that feels very sturdy and displays nicely.