Hot Wheels BTTF Time Machine Hover Mode

There’s only a month and a half left in the year, but Hot Wheels is rolling out their 2016 cars now and one of them has a particular tie to 2015, The Back To The Future Time Machine – Hover Mode.

Based on how the Time Machine Delorean appears after visiting future 2015 Hill Valley, this Hot Wheels car is in Hover mode.

Hot Wheels Delorean Hover 01

The card is your typical Hot Wheels shape, but unlike the 2015 cards that have been on the shelves all year long, these new cards have snowflakes on them. That along with the new dark blue “HW Screen Time” border on the right edge will make this an easy car to find on the shelves right now.

Now technically, this is not the first release of this particular car. It came out earlier in the year with blue tinted windows in the main line and another time with more detailed paint apps in Hot Wheels’ higher priced entertainment car line. This is however, the first time I’ve seen this car in stores (or even heard about it)


Hot Wheels Delorean Hover 02

The Time Machine looks just like it does in the movie with the tires folded down.


Hot Wheels Delorean Hover 03

The rear of the car has printed taillights and the futuristic license tag (Unfortunately my car had a misalignment with the printing)


Hot Wheels Delorean Hover 04

The detail in the back of the car is excellent showing off Mr. Fusion


Hot Wheels Delorean Hover 05

On the bottom of the car are four wheels to allow it to still roll even with the main tires folded down.


Hot Wheels Delorean Hover 06

The outer body & interior of the Time Machine is the same as the main one we got in 2011, but obviously the lower chassis is different. The windows on this version are clear while the 2011 Delorean (And the first release of the Hover Mode version) have blue tinted windows.

The rear section is different also as the Hover Mode Time Machine has Mr. Fusion

Hot Wheels Delorean Hover 07


Hot Wheels Delorean Time Machine Hover 08

Mattel has done it again, they got me to buy another car. I really never collected Hot Wheels except as a child, but the past few years, Hot Wheels has been making great iconic cars from TV and Movies and it’s done what all great toylines need to do, get people to buy their product who don’t normally buy it. The car has great details and nice paint, plus the hidden wheels roll wonderfully. If you can find it, grab this one ASAP!


Hot Wheels Delorean Hover 09