Hot Toys AOU Thor Figure and AR Experience App

Hot Toys just posted a bunch of pictures of their Age of Ultron Thor on Facebook. The photos are taken by bloggers using the final production version of Thor. They also mention the new Augmented Reality Experience App that was released last month!

Hot Toys AOU Thor 01 Hot Toys AOU Thor 02 Hot Toys AOU Thor 03 Hot Toys Thor 04 Hot Toys Thor 05 Hot Toys Thor 06 Hot Toys Thor 07 Hot Toys Thor 08 Hot Toys Thor 09 Hot Toys Thor 10 Hot Toys AOU Thor 11


The Hot Toys AOU Thor figure is already impressive but when you get your hands on the Asgardian prince, don’t forget to use the “Avengers: Age of Ultron AR Experience by Hot Toys” app available on iOS or Android devices to explore and take picture the cool 3D scene where the mighty Thor uses his Mjölnir to fight off the group of Ultron Sentries and share it with your friends!

iOS download link (Requires iOS 6.0 or later):

Android download link (Requires Android 2.3.1 and up):

You may also search “AAOU AR” on App Store or Google Play to download the app