HeroesCon 2016 Friday Overview

It’s HeroesCon time again and tons of people flocked to Charlotte, NC this weekend to meet artists, buy comics and just generally hang out with fellow fans. I got to attend with my wife again this year, so I bring you the thoughts of a toy collector (and mild comic collector) on this year’s HeroesCon!

Last year was my first HeroesCon and I was pretty blown away by everything. So my second show could either be just as good or not quite as good as last year. Well before I even got into the con, I already saw some awesome cosplay including full groups like this Avatar: The Last Airbender group.

Heroescon Fri 001

Once in the convention area, I saw many more costumes all over the place including Skeletor, Evil Lyn and even a Casey Jones

Heroescon Fri 002 Heroescon Fri 003


There were many panels going on during Friday (as many as 5 at a time) ranging from various subjects as Cosplay, Self Publishing, Superhero Psychology & even a Character Design Workshop! My wife and I dropped in on the Introvert vs Extrovert panel with Erica Henderson, Bridgit Connel, Monica Gallagher & Kata Kane (hosted by Jimmy Aquino) It was an interesting discussion about introverts, extroverts and their behaviors at conventions.

Heroescon Fri 004


Back on the sales floor, I found a HUGE display from the NC Lego Users Group. There were massive Lego creations on display that were measured in feet instead of inches including Roller coasters, Dioramas and even vintage toy re-creations. To say the displays were impressive is an understatement when you see a full city block or giant Brainiac Fortress

Heroescon Fri 005 Heroescon Fri 006Heroescon Fri 007Heroescon Fri 008Heroescon Fri 009 Heroescon Fri 012 Heroescon Fri 011 Heroescon Fri 010


At the close of Friday, I realized there wasn’t ever going to be enough time this weekend to do everything at HeroesCon, so you need to come in with a game plan. I had that for the artist signatures I wanted, but I found myself wandering around realizing I had already missed a lot of stuff. There seemed to be a few more people this Friday than I remembered last year and a few of my dealer friends mentioned that it was pretty busy for a Friday.

Friday has proven that this year’s HeroesCon is going to be just as fun as last year even if my focus for this con has changed (Last year I was all about getting signatures, this year I’m more just looking for/at cool stuff)

Be sure to check out my thoughts on Saturday when it’s posted and don’t forget to check out Stan Ford’s Instagram and the Needless Essentials Online Facebook page for more pictures from HeroesCon!