HeroesCon 2015 Report and Pictures

by Scott Perrett

Day one of Heroes Con! This was my first time at Heroes Con so I decided to do things a bit differently than most conventions I go to. Typically, I’ll dig through old toys and hit $1 boxes, and maybe wind up at a panel. I usually don’t go into Artists Alley much and when I do, I’m already out of money. This time, however, I spent most of my time in Artists Alley. I met and got autographs from a ton of awesome artists like Mike Zeck, John Beatty, Bob Mcleod and Evan Dorkin, who drew an awesome Milk & Cheese in the hardcover book I bought. My wife and I were able to get a few comics triple signed by Joe Quinones, Chip Zdarsky, Jason Latour, Robbie Rodriguez and Rico Renzi, who was kind enough to meet with me on his break from running the con.

Many of the artists charge very little to nothing for their autographs. Some, like Geof Darrow, ask for a donation to a charity of their choice. The most anyone was asking was $5 and some of them were having raffles to win free signed prints with each autograph purchase, which is where I got the Mike Zeck GI Joe print.

The dealers were out in full force with tons of new & old comics (some for super cheap), toys of all eras and cool crafts. I saw electric guitars made from 8-bit Nintendos! Droid Builders were there with life-size, working R2-D2’s while the local 501st had a cool, life-size cantina display. The Ecto-1, Mystery Machine & Men in Black cars were in the back corner. The local CW station was there giving away T-Shirts you had to win in a free game of Plinko!
Then there’s the cosplayers, many different people in costumes that range from the obscure (Kung Fury) to the more mainstream (Star Lord). Tons of different Spider-Men were out and about along with a few Jurassic Park workers.
The main floor is so big that even with crazy long lines you still don’t feel like you’re crammed into a large group; there’s room to breathe at all times. The food court is also great. The choices are limited but the food is good and at a great deal! We ate at an Italian place that was selling 2 large pizza slices and a drink for only $8.

Overall, this was an exceptional convention experience and I couldn’t wait to go back on Saturday!

HeroesCon 2015 Friday 01 HeroesCon 2015 Friday 02

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Needless Essentials also had a special guest photog, Mags, roaming the floor looking for great cosplayers, and she spotted these people, showing the love and excitement that is HeroesCon. According to Mags, Ariel and Ursula were not together, and this was a random meeting that she was lucky enough to capture.

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by Scott Perrett

Day two of HeroesCon! Unfortunately this was I and my wife’s last day so we made the most of it.
Remember when I said there was a lot of room during the convention? Yeah, that must have been a Friday thing because there was a TON of people on Saturday! I’m sure a lot were there for Stan Lee, but even with his line full, there were a lot more people everywhere.

I started the day off standing in line to meet Bernie Wrightson, one of the main reasons I was going to HeroesCon. He was very kind to sign my two books and didn’t charge anyone for signatures. He had a lot of prints and awesome original artwork for sale as well. After that we made our way to Jason Aaron who consistently had a long line, just get in it and don’t wait for it to slow down.

With our autograph missions completed, it was time to check out the live art stage. Many of the professional artists would get on stage throughout Friday and Saturday to create wonderful pieces of art that are auctioned off Saturday night. It was very interesting seeing a painting of Doctor Strange being made, then stepping to the right and noticing that Benedict Cumberbatch is the what the artist is basing the doctor’s face on!

After seeing a lot of great art, we wandered around the dealer’s booths some more. We saw a lot more Cosplayers and there were a lot of very cool comics and collectibles all over. Ryan Lusk from Burke Street Comics showed me a couple interesting Mego figures. The first is an early Canadian 12″ Spiderman with “DC Comics” stamped on the back of his neck! This error was fixed in later releases of this figure. He also has an error Superman with an upside down chest symbol. There were many dealers with replica swords and more T-shirts than you can shake a stick at!

While wandering we found out Josh Hood & Matthew Rosenberg from “We Can Never Go Home” were at the convention! Both were not on the main guest lists online or in the con’s program. They are listed under the “also appearing in artists alley” section of the program.

We finally made our way to our first (and last) panel (there’s just too much to do!) “Milkfed Criminal Masterminds” I must admit that I haven’t read any of their books. My wife was the one who suggested it because she reads a few of them. This panel was HILARIOUS! Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Chip Zdarsky, Christian Ward and everyone else that ran/participated in this panel were awesome and entertaining. I enjoyed it so much I feel I need to seek out their books now.

During the panel we were told about some news items. Kelly Sue Deconnick revealed that she would be stepping down from writing Captain Marvel after Secret Wars. She also confirmed that there is a guy who will do a thing later this year while also mentioning that she got to write an episode of a TV show recently. After the con, Milkfed Criminal Masterminds held a get together, known as a “BrimpUp!” across the street at Buffalo Wild Wings. There were pictures with Matt & Chip, free swag, including an advance copy of Sex Criminals #11 and a charity raffle. The whole event was tons of fun and the perfect ending to a wonderful convention experience!

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by Stan Ford


Sunday had a much calmer feel, although it was still very hectic, especially in the dealers’area. Some guests had already left, but there were still plenty of artists and writers around. Two exhibitors still had strong lines to their attractions. The 501st Legion still had attendees lining up to have their pictures taken in Star Wars style settings, which included a chance to saw that you shot first, not Greedo. The another noticeable line was the local CW affiliate promoting their comic-related programming and offering a Plinko for prizes, on top of a raffle.

I had the chance to talk with We Can Never Go Home writer Matthew Rosenberg who was a thrill to talk to and definitely look for us to highlight more of Black Mask’s titles in the near future. I also spoke to some small press guys, which you may hear some more from in the recent future. There were still cosplayers showing the love for HeroesCon, including many first timers that had excellent cosplay.

20150621_140327Mark Ferguson and Noah Wells had this great team-up. This was a new costume for Noah, that Mark helped him put together, and what was so impressive was how spot on it was to the TV inspiration. Noah even carried himself like Daredevil, which just added to the impressiveness of the cosplay. Mark was one of the best Indiana Jones I’ve seen in a long while, and he may just be one of the unsung heroes of Charlotte area cosplay.

Other great cosplayers that we spotted were Cathy and Lauren’s X-23 and White Queen that had a lot of attendees asking for pictures. Blake Corey and Jared’s Mortal Kombat cosplay had them posing almost constantly. Finally we spotted a great Black Bolt and Medusa who stayed wonderfully in character, with him being completely silent and Medusa radiating an air of authority that was as imposing as it was impressive.

20150621_151040 20150621_151157 20150621_151443