Heroes of the Storm Deluxe Boxed Action Figure Stitches

NECA has released a few images and info for the upcoming Heroes of the Storm Deluxe Action Figure Stitches (World of Warcraft). The figure will stand 6.5″ tall and will include a cleaver accessory. Read on for additional information and look for more reveals soon from NECA.

NECA is proud to present the first deluxe boxed action figure from Heroes of the Storm™, the new online team brawler filled with favorite characters from Blizzard Entertainment’s vast video game universes!

Created in collaboration with Blizzard, Stitches (World of Warcraft™) features a game-authentic sculpt and 25+ points of articulation. The Terror of Darkshire is a lumbering brute — 6.5” tall and even wider — and includes a cleaver accessory. This gruesome figure comes in window box packaging.

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