Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find Theft

I hate reporting things like this but a while back one of our neighborhood comic shops had a storage break in. Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find is a staple destination in Charlotte NC and they need your help. Things like this just makes my blood boil and the thief’s got away with a good amount of products. Here is a partial list of stolen goods:

Bowen – Hulk Maestro
Bowen – Batman on Gargoyle Limited Edition of 5555 Porcelain Statue (DC Direct, 1991)
Bowen – Original Sandman (Marvel, Spider-Man villain)
Sideshow – Adam Hughes She-Hulk
Bowen – BONE: RED DRAGON and TED (Cold-Cast Statue, Limited Edition of 2000. 12′ wide x 7″ tall x 8″ deep…approx. 10 lbs.)
Bowen – Hellcat (full size statue)
Bowen – Hellboy Mini-Bust
There was also one LONG BOX labeled “42” that contains only titles beginning with the letter “C” that was also taken.
If anyone has any info on this please contact the Charlotte NC Police Office Number: 704-336-2878 and or the store directly at 704-375-7462. 

The Incident Number is: 20180109161602
Officer: McGill
Office Number: 704-336-2878