Hascon 2017 – New Star Wars, Marvel and Transformers Reveals Coming Soon

Hascon is here folks and first impressions are crucial. From what I see this looks to be fun! While we could not make it do to other obligations, our friends over at Jedi Temple Archives are there in full force! Thus weekend should over us a better glimpse into the future of the Star Wars Vintage Collection, Transformers, Marvel and so much more! Yes I singled out the Vintage Collection because that’s what Im excited for the most. GI Joe is the step-child so I expect nothing from that line but the others should yield some fruit. 

By now most of us saw the image with Snoke (he is coming on a Vintage cardback!) and Empire is getting a new figure but what else is in store? We have a few thoughts but we are holding out for reveals but in the meantime, take a look at the Hasbro showcases! Also shown was the Vintage Star Wars Black assortments but nothing new on that front. Hopefully Hasbro can fix the issue with distribution as we have received a grand total of 0 from our distributors.  Ill leave that rant alone for another day. Also on display was a glorious showcase dio or I should say dios but you will need to click on over for those. Stay tuned, lots more will be revealed in the coming days.