Hasbros Investor Day

TFW2005.com has covered Hasbros annual Inestor Day recently. Some interesting points in the presentation

  • Mr. Goldner mentioned that Transformers Brand grew by 2 times even without a movie. Bravo. My Little Pony is the second best brand. Entertainment Driven Toys will have a higher price tag than Non-Entertainment Driven Toys.
  • Hasbro has acquired rights to manufacture Disney Princesses.
  • Chief Marketing Officer John Frascotti came to the stage next. It seems as though Play-Doh took the place of G. I. Joe as a “Franchise Brand”. Joe brand is no longer on the top 7.Marvel and Star Wars toy contracts were extended to 2020. Kre-O and Furby may become Franchise Brands in the future.


The interesting bit to me was a quote concerning the various stages of fandom that Hasbro will be focusing on a long term plan.

“Transformers is a brand with very broad appeal” said Mr. Nyman. “We’re developing differentiated product experiences for different consumer groups. Product and Marketing merge well with each group. We recruit our young fans with Rescue Bots and engage them in age appropriate entertainment and age relevant products. We engage 4 to 10 year old boys with action and entertainment and creative play like Construct-Bots and our Kre-O Kreons and Play Sets. And we retain our passionate and very loyal consumers with Transformers: Generations; so our boys will never leave the franchise but instead graduate to become a Collector”.

So it seems that Hasbro is paying more and more attention to creating collectors as opposed to simply generating toys and moving on. Good news for fans of the Generations line at least.


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