Hasbro Sinister Six Retro Set

Here is something new to report on, Hasbro’s upcoming 4″ Spider-Man: Sinister Six Toy Biz Tribute Figure Set. This will be released as an Amazon.com exclusive. The set will feature re-issues of previous 4″ Marvel Universe/Legends figures in new packaging made to look like the classic Toy Biz 5″ figures released in the 90’s. The set includes Spider-Man and Sinister Six members Doc Ock, Kraven, Electro, Vulture, Sandman and Mysterio. Each figure looks to be placed on it’s own cardback that connects with the other figures in the set creating a “binder” packaging. One side of the binder looks to recreate the classic cover to Amazing Spider-Man #6, which heralds the first appearance of the Sinister Six. This set should be available for purchase fairly soon on Amazon. Now onto the images.