Hasbro Pulse Con Zoids Panel

Zoids are back! We got to see the new toys and video game on the Hasbro Pulse Con panel today!


The panel started out talking about the Zoids cartoon on Netflix then moved on to show the new Zoids Wild Nintendo Switch video game! The game is slated to release this October.


We now get a look at the new third generation of Zoids toys! There are three sizes, Beta, Mega & Giga.


One of the new changes to the toys is that the parts are no longer on sprue trees, but bagged like lego pieces!


Since the parts are no longer on the Sprues, you’ll need to be able to tell some of the parts apart from each other. Hasbro has implemented a new symbol design to know what parts are used in each step.


Another new addition are the riders! We get fully sculpted figure characters now!


There is also now a Battle Mat system added. The Battle Mat will showcase the terrain that each Zoid prefers to be in.


The panel then had Yutaka Tajima (Who has worked on Zoids since Gen 1) speak a bit about working on these figures.


As with everything shown today, you can pre-order these Zoids today (Sat 9/26) at 5pm EST at Hasbro Pulse’s website