Hasbro Pulse Con Transformers Panel

Transformers Kingdom, Prime and RED reveals from Hasbro Pulse Con including new looks at packaging, extras and the farewell of a leader.


Hasbro started off showing the figures that were already revealed on IGN


We saw Cheetor in hand and could see that his beast mode’s mouth can open and close

Rattrap was adorably cute being in the smaller “Core” size


Both Cyclonus and Megatron are shown in their large Leader Class scales. John Warden mentioned that Megatron may be the biggest Leader class they’ve made and they used a softer plastic on him to really capture a lot of the actual dinosaur details in the sculpt


We get a look at Core class Optimus and how he scales with the Leader Class Optimus.


We also got a look at a new Core Class transformer, Vertebreak!


Blackarachnia looks awesome!


In hand looks at Warpath and pictures of him wearing fossilizer armor



We also got a look at Optimus Primal and a few of his features in hand. His left forearm opens up for the secret arm blaster!


The Kingdom packaging is wonderful! It reminds me of the European Rock Lords packaging with the artwork dominating the full box! We also see the cool insert with some of the Kingdom toys. There is a reveal your fate golden disc card. You peel back the gold foil to reveal the fate of the character card you got. There are 16 in total.



Next we move on to Transformer Prime


We get some in hand shots of Breakdown and Vehicon two pack


And here’s a Transformers Prime Megatron! with three Arms Microns!


Now we get two new RED reveals (These are the non-transformable action figures)

Transformers Prime Arcee & Beast Wars Cheetor!

Both include pull off panels to show the robotic inner workings on the bots.


There are also Blast Effects!


New Amazon Exclusive Autobot Clones! These are re-releases of the Clones we’ve gotten from both Hasbro and Takara Tomy but they have a new paint job making them distinct.


And finally the panel ends with a farewell to John Warden. Transformers Kingdom is the last Transformers line he’ll be working on as he’s moving over to Power Rangers. He brought this collector back into the Transformers fold with his work on the Thrilling 30 figures, Combiner Wars, Power of the Primes and all the way up to now. So an enthusiastic “Til all are one!” to John Warden.