Hasbro Pulse Con GI Joe Classified Panel

Hasbro Pulse Con just finished up their GI Joe Classified Panel. Here are the GI Joe Classified reveals they showed us!



The GI Joe Team showed off two new figures from the mass retail GI Joe Classified line including the Master of Disguise, ZARTAN!


Zartan is the first GI Joe figure to use Hasbro’s new Invisipin construction on his double elbows and knee joints. He’s also got all the classic details like removable mask (which can be worn with or without the hood) the backpack can still hold the mask and now you can hook his knife and pistol on the sides. There’s even a mystical Monkey’s Paww included!

The packaging artwork is done by comic artist Tony Daniel


The Hasbro Joe team then showed off some new T-Shirts that will be available on the Hasbro Pulse website later today.



For all of those fans who are still looking for Cobra Troopers, fear not! A Sunbow inspired Cobra Trooper is coming to mass retail! He appears to be a little brighter in color and has grey straps, but is basically the same figure. The GI Joe team did point out that the face is an all new print job so he’ll look like a different person than the Target exclusive Cobra Trooper.



Now we find out, there’s more Cobra Island figures coming! (This does mean the following figure are more Target Exclusives that will be up for Pre-Order today at 5pm on Target’s website


The first reveal for this series is Firefly!


Firefly has a new drone, armor and a Backpack that’ll hold everything he comes with including the datapad that controls the drone!


The detail on Firefly’s face is wonderful! They made him appear to have been burned

Even though he’s wearing a bulky bit of armor, the designers made it so that the armor doesn’t hinder the articulation.



The next Target exclusive reveal is another fan favorite troop builder, Viper!

The design team added a 5mm hole in the Viper’s rifle so you can add blast effects!

All of the GI Joe Classified Mass Retail figures (Zartan, Cobra Trooper) will be up for preorder today (Sat. 9/26) at 5pm on Hasbro Pulse, around the same time all of the Cobra Island figures (Firefly, Viper) Will be up for preorder on the Target website