Hasbro NYTF 2020 Panel Pt 4 Transformers

Our final entry from the Hasbro Toy Fair 2020 Panel is Transformers.

While many of these were leaked due to Walmart’s app in the past 24 hours, we still had a couple of surprises. We heard about re-issues of Siege figures, but I didn’t know they were repaints and each come with a piece to build a Teletraan-1 backdrop. The big one for me was the Quintesson Judge! I saw Alicon last night, but hadn’t seen the Judge yet. I thought for sure the only way we were getting one of those was from the Cyberverse line, but now we have an Earthrise version to look forward to as well! There is also a War for Cybertron Leader Unboxing (mystery box) that Hasbro has said you should wait to open until you’ve watched the first episode of the new Netflix series. The box contains a Leader Class figure with some other surprises including spoilers for that first episode.