Hasbro Marvel Legends Press Images SDCC 2015 Pt 2

Up next from Hasbro is Spider-Man Marvel Legends. Spider Gwen might have stole our hearts but thankfully the Ben Reilly Spider-Man is taking it back. Not only that, we have a new Venom coming and yes, he will include 2 heads (one with tongue sticking out). Absorbing Man will be a Build A Figure by the way and check out that new Morbius! Hasbro is doing so well with this line and guess what? They have more to come but you just have to wait a bit. Check out the images below and we will wrap everything up with the panel highlights.

Absorbing Man BAF 2 Absorbing Man Be Reilly Beetle 1 Beetle Ben Reilly Spider Carnage 2 Ben Reilly Gwen Ben Jack O Lantern 1 Jack O Lantern Morbius 1 Morbius Jack O Lantern Morbius SPD Legend SF_B Speed Demon 1 Speed Demon Spider Gwen 1 Spider Gwen Venom 1 Venom