Hasbro Marvel Gallery Toy Fair 2016

Hasbro had a decent showing for the Marvel Brands and Marvel Legends take the top spot. Several new reveals here folks and by now, everyone is well aware of the next X-Men Marvel Legends wave. The Comic 2 packs are coming back and the 3.75″ Legends will get stronger. Check out the pics from the floor and latter tonight look for official press images. Now onto the show!

_MG_1434_800x533 _MG_1435_800x533 _MG_1436_800x533 _MG_1438_800x533 _MG_1439_400x600 _MG_1440_800x533 _MG_1441_800x533 _MG_1442_400x600 _MG_1443_800x533 _MG_1444_800x533 _MG_1445_800x533 _MG_1447_400x600 _MG_1448_400x600 _MG_1449_400x600 _MG_1450_400x600 _MG_1451_400x600 _MG_1452_400x600 _MG_1453_800x533 _MG_1454_800x533 _MG_1455_800x533 _MG_1456_400x600 _MG_1457_800x533 _MG_1459_800x533 _MG_1460_400x600 _MG_1461_400x600 _MG_1462_400x600 _MG_1463_400x600 _MG_1464_400x600 _MG_1465_400x600 _MG_1466_400x600 _MG_1468_800x533 _MG_1469_800x533 _MG_1470_800x533 _MG_1471_800x533 _MG_1472_400x600 _MG_1473_400x600 _MG_1474_400x600 _MG_1475_400x600 _MG_1476_800x533 _MG_1477_800x533 _MG_1478_800x533 _MG_1479_400x600 _MG_1481_400x600 _MG_1482_400x600 _MG_1483_400x600 _MG_1485_800x533 _MG_1486_400x600 _MG_1487_800x533 _MG_1488_800x533 _MG_1489_800x533 _MG_1491_800x533 _MG_1492_800x533