Happy New Year & A State of the Website Address

Happy New Year folks! 2017 was a challenging year for us but we had some good times! 2018 should be even stronger for us and we wish you all the best! Now for some website news. 

As I mentioned, it has been a challenging year for us on Needless Essentials. As you have seen, posts are coming in a little slower and we are struggling to keep the site updated. While we do love our work, it can become tiring. I think most of my staff, including me is just straight up burned out. It happens from time to time but what can we do to change it? I have no solid answer for that but I will offer this. We love what we do and there is no pay in it for any of us. In fact, it costs us money to keep the site running. That is money well spent but it’s still challenging. Now before I get into what I want to change, lets look back on some of our highlights from the year. 

  • Toy Fair was excellent this year and I do believe we got the info out to you guys faster than ever. We still face some issues but this year was top notch. 
  • Star Wars Celebration- This was an amazing show for us and we enjoyed getting the news out to you all. We ran into some logistic issues and we had to cut our trip short due to Easter. Still, this was a major highlight for all if us on Needless. 
  • HerosCon- The boys did an outstanding job on coverage this year and I am proud of them! Not only did we achieve some high traffic, we got some cool comic news out to you guys. It was a lot of work for them but they enjoyed it. 
  • We managed to get a website upgrade that we love, which was huge for all of us. We dig the new format and I hope you all do as well. 

While most of our columns slowed down, we did manage to get a few new ones going. Now keeping them going is the key and we are always looking into new ways to make this site entertaining. This is one area we will work on and we will continue to look into new column in the future. 

Just know this, in 2018 we plan to get back on our feet, shake off the cobwebs and dive back into what we do best; writing and reporting the news! Toy Fair is coming up and we do plan to be there so we do have that to look forward to. Our social media presence is still strong and our sister division, Needless Toys is growing. I guess we just grew a little to fast too soon but that is a good problem to have. 2018 will be strong for us and we hope you all stick around for the changes we have coming. Ill go over that soon enough. God bless and I hope the best for all of you throughout the new year!