Happy Birthday G.I. Joe! A Real American Hero!

I do believe that G.I. Joe ARAH is turning 30 this month! How time flies by when your having fun! This of course is for the TV series that changed the game in the toy industry. To celebrate this monumental occasion I present you with carded 1983-1984 G.I. Joe figures courtesy of 3djoes. If you have not been to their site go now! There is a reason why the site is called 3djoes. Keep reading to see the figures and it’s not a birthday without the initial mini series…….

Besides the fact that the toon is turning 30 this is also part 2 of our 50th anniversary celebration! Yes, next year Joe is turning 50! Once a month we will try and do something special for this beloved brand and you can see our first article HERE. I think next month we might look at some iconic vehicles and do some retro reviews. Till then YO JOE!!



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