Halo 2 Anniversary Edition Master Chief Play Arts Kai New Images!

Square Enix has sent out some new images showcasing the mighty Halo 2 Anniversary Edition Master Chief Play Arts Kai Figure. The figure will include multiple interchangeable hands, a Covenant Energy Sword, two M7 sub-machine guns and a figure stand. Master Chief is scheduled for release in February 2015 at a price of 9,800 Yen (about $86 USD). Look for pre-orders soon! While you’re at it, make sure you continue to support adult Collectibles at retailers such as Target and Toys R Us. Even though this item will be online only/ comic shops, it’s still important to support lines such as Halo as a whole. Now that the commentary is done, here are the images!

Halo-2-Master-Chief-Play-Arts-Kai-003 Halo-2-Master-Chief-Play-Arts-Kai-004 Halo-2-Master-Chief-Play-Arts-Kai-005 Halo-2-Master-Chief-Play-Arts-Kai-006 Halo-2-Master-Chief-Play-Arts-Kai-007 Halo-2-Master-Chief-Play-Arts-Kai-008