Gwenpool Marvel Legend – Random Toys

There’s a new wave of Marvel Legends hitting stores out there and in it is The Unbelievable Gwenpool! The comic series just ended it’s run a few weeks ago making this release feel like a choice of odd timing, so let’s see what the figure has in store for us.


OK, so Marvel Legends figures are always in the same style packaging so there’s not much new to show off with a package shot. However, I chose to show this one off because I love how they have Gwenpool posed making a heart with her hands. This is the exact type of thing I would expect from a Gwenpool figure.


Gwenpool is your basic Marvel Legend figure so you have all the articulation you’ve come to expect.

I feel like the figure is a cross between the two different art styles Gwenpool has had in the comics. She has the proportions of Danilo Beyruth’s art from her first appearances in the back of Howard the Duck…

…But there are many costume touches and other details (like extra straps and swords) from Gurihiru’s art from the main series.

Gwenpool comes with two different heads. While I like having an extra head with a different expression, I would have liked a different expression. Both heads are smiling and one has the tongue sticking out. (similar to a few different appearances in her comics)  Instead of the tongue head, maybe we could’ve had a screaming in sheer terror head or an oddly confused/bemused head. As it is, the two heads don’t feel different enough to warrant having both.


Gwenpool also has three pairs of hands along with two swords. There’s the open-ish hands that can form a heart, two typical pistol grip hands and two specialty hands. One is giving a peace sign (or bunny ears) while the other hand can be used to hold the last accessory…


…a cell phone! Clearly a character like Gwenpool needed to come with a phone and I’m glad they made one for her. It looks like she’s rocking an iPhone as it’s your basic rectangle with a tiny circle at the bottom of it. This accessory is small and super thin. I highly suspect it will be easily lost in the future. Thankfully it appears the toy designers had the same fear as me. There is a slot in one of Gwenpool’s pouches to allow the phone to be stored. It fits tightly and feels like it’ll stay in place.


The inclusion of the Cell Phone can lead to some humorous posing with comic fan Gwenpool and assorted characters from the Marvel Universe.


Gwenpool's Penguin Backpack!

Gwenpool’s Penguin Backpack has two slots to store her swords. This means she can hold all of her accessories. That’s a feature I really like in action figures, however, I do wish she had a couple of weapons we’ve gotten with Deadpool figures over time seeing as she usually had a crazy arsenal at any given time.


Gwenpool is a fun figure. This photoshoot was more fun than many of my toy photoshoots. While I do feel the figure could have been better with a few other/more accessories. The basics are here and that’s what’s important. It’s easy to add some other guns, not so much to add an iPhone or a “bunny ears” posed hand. The hips are a little restrictive for moving the legs out to the sides but there’s a good amount of articulation to pull off some other fun poses. I’m not sure that Gwenpool will be a hit with a lot of people, but this figure certainly is a must buy for this fan.