GotG Yondu & Sakaar Trooper Minimate Review

Rounding out our look at the Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates is the Toys R Us exclusive pack Yondu & Sakaar Trooper.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 01 MOC

This is the only TRU exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy pack. Unlike previous waves, this wave only has 3 sets. Typically there are 4 sets with two exclusive sets. This pack gives us an army builder to fill up Ronan’s troops and another character who features fairly prominently in the movie.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 02

Yondu is seen here pretty much exactly like how he looks in the movie with an open trenchcoat.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 03

You can remove the trenchcoat piece and now Yondu has a coat-less look that allows for full articulation movement. I really like that you don’t even need a spare set of arms to achieve this alternate look.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 04

I like the detail on the face. For a little while I wondered why they made Yondu look sad or something. The face looked off a bit and the mouth seemed to be the focus of the oddity, then it hit me, this looks like the face Yondu makes when he’s whistling/controlling his arrow. That realization makes me like the face even more, but also makes me a little sad that Yondu doesn’t come with any accessories.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 05

This figure has a great over all look and is very screen accurate. As I previously stated I like the open trenchcoat look and the fact that you can remove the coat and still have a complete looking figure.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 06

The Sakaar Trooper has details tampo’d all over the figure and resembles the on screen troopers very well.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 07

The Sakaar comes with a highly detailed weapon (I’m assuming blaster rifle) The weapon looks great and fits in the minimate hands well.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 08

The Sakaar Trooper is a nice army builder, but the color palate is a little bland. Since this figure is based on a movie appearance, that can’t really be blamed on the toy maker. I do like the tampo’d details all over the figure and the sculpted helmet ties into that tampo nicely.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 09 Title

While this set may not be a necessary purchase to complete any teams, it does have an army builder and I really like the Yondu figure. I would really recommend it for Yondu alone.



As an added bonus, many collectors have found a treasure trove of applications for the Yondu figure due to the interchangeability of Minimate parts.

Yondu Sakaar Minimates 10 Custom

Yondu’s jacket and arms can be added to Star-Lord to give him a great open trenchcoat look, you can also add Yondu’s legs to Drax for a look he has later in the movie.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 11 Custom

You can also use the whole body or just the torso & arms to give Peter a few other movie appearances.


Yondu Sakaar Minimates 12 Custom

And that’s the last of the Toys R Us wave of Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates. It’s a shame we weren’t able to get the full Guardians team at Toys R Us, but such is the way of things, DST will be releasing Gamora in the LCS wave so it’s just a matter of time till we get the full band together. Until then, I’m happy to have Minimates of one of the summer’s biggest movies and as added icing on this cake, the figures are good ones too.