GotG Star-Lord & Ronan Minimate Review

Continuing our look at the Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates, we have a pack that contains both of the main characters in the movie, Peter Quill, AKA: Star-Lord & Ronan the Accuser!


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 01 MOC


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 02

Here we see Peter Quill in the outfit he wore in the opening scene of the movie. I’m not really a fan of the closed trenchcoat piece as it severely limits articulation and the over all aesthetic of the figure itself (I typically prefer seeing an open trenchcoat on figures) but the coat is nicely detailed and includes a sculpted knapsack.


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 03

Peter’s face has a smirk which is perfect for the character. The eye brows and facial hair is a little too light in color and can get lost in the face, but for those that may be bothered by that, Star-Lord comes with a spare helmet accessory that is wonderfully sculpted and looks excellent.


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 04 Arm

The figure has a lot of nice details like the Reavers shoulder patch and subtle paint apps on the hands….


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 05

….plus there’s rocket boosters on his feet. They’re simple but I was so happy to see these when I pulled the figure out of the package. It’s one of those little touches that just adds to the figure.


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 09 Walkman

The main accessory you can see in the package is Peter’s Walkman. This is a reused piece from BTTF’s Marty McFly, unfortunately the headphones are a little too short to fit around the head fully.


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 08 Walkman

However, the headset looks fine when seen at an angle……

Star Lord Ronan Minimates 10 Walkman

…or when placed around his neck.


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 06 Gun

The last of Star-Lord’s accessories are his two guns. Like the helmet, these are chock full of sculpted details and fit well in the Minimate’s hands.

Star Lord Ronan Minimates 07 Action


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 11

The torso is blank underneath the trenchcoat piece, but given that’s it’s blue, you could easily use it as a t-shirt piece if you had an open styled jacket. You can also see the belt tampo underneath.


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 12 Action

Star-Lord is a pretty good figure with some very nice pieces. I assume all the early reference material included the trenchcoat since all of the toys feature the trenchcoat, but the character only wears it in the beginning of the movie. I would have liked to see a short jacket vest piece included to give Star-Lord a different look (and allow for better range of motion over all) but like I mentioned, it’s possible that the toy companies didn’t even know there would be a short jacket appearance.



Star Lord Ronan Minimates 13 Ronan

Included with Star-Lord is the main baddie, Ronan. He appears like he does in the movie. The figure has a lot of nicely sculpted and tampo’d details all over.


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 14

The headress (including the shoulder pads) is one large piece that adds to the overall look of Ronan but limits both head and arm movement. This would normally be a problem, but Ronan isn’t exactly an acrobat so having a figure that mostly just stands around is closer to being screen accurate anyway.


Star Lord Ronan Minimates 15 Hammer

Ronan also comes with his hammer. The hammer looks like it came straight off the screen. The handle has a slight narrow area that allows the hand to grip it nicely.

Star Lord Ronan Minimates 16 Hammer

Ronan is a good, screen accurate figure. I think if the shoulder pads were separate pieces that attached to the arms the articulation could be improved and allow Ronan to swing his hammer, but that’s only a small issue. Like I said previously, Ronan just needs to look imposing and this figure pulls that off as is.



Star Lord Ronan Minimates 17 Title