GotG Gamora & Nova Corps Centurion Minimate Review

The Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates wave have hit comic stores this week, which means everyone can finally complete their Guardians team with this two pack! But is that the only reason to get this set?


Gamora Nova Minimates 01 MIB

The package looks just like the Toys R Us releases which came out about 2 months ago. The LCS wave has two new 2 packs that were not offered at TRU, with 3 new figures. Nebula (who is packed with the Sakaar Trooper we already saw) and this pack that included the last of the Guardians, Gamora and a Nova Corps Centurion army builder.


Gamora Nova Minimates 02

Just like the Marvel Legends figure, the Minimate has Gamora in her early movie appearance.


Gamora Nova Minimates 03

The fishnet details and blue highlights on her pants came out really well for the figure’s size.


Gamora Nova Minimates 04 Weapon

Gamora also comes with an interesting, highly detailed sword.


Gamora Nova Minimates 05 Action

She may not have multiple looks or a ton of accessories, but Gamora is a solid Minimate.


Gamora Nova Minimates 06 Centurion

Next up is the army builder, the Nova Corps Centurion. He’s wearing the same outfit John C. Reilly & Peter Serafinowicz wore in the movie with the addition of a nicely sculpted helmet.


Gamora Nova Minimates 07 Head

The helmet is removable to show a generic face underneath. The Centurion doesn’t come with a spare hairpiece, but Minimate collectors always have a few of those laying around. If you’ve only been collecting the Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates, well, Star Lord has you covered.

Gamora Nova Minimates 08 Head


Gamora Nova Minimates 09 Detail

Along with the helmet sculpt, the Centurion has other nice details like the Nova Corps shoulder patch tampo


Gamora Nova Minimates 10 Weapon

Included with the Nova Corps Centurion is a heavy duty blaster. The blaster has a great sculpt and feels a lot bulkier than some other Minimate weapons.


Gamora Nova Minimates 11 Action

The Nova Corps Centurion was the surprise figure for me, I wasn’t very interested in it before I got the figure in hand. After playing around with it, I found I really like the look of the figure and he makes a nice army builder.


Gamora Nova Minimates 12 Group

There is one main reason to buy this set….it’s the only way to complete your Guardians of the Galaxy team! If you see this set, I recommend grabbing it as everyone who’s picked up the GotG sets at TRU will be hunting this particular set down. Both figures are pretty basic with minimal accessories, but the Centurion was a surprise standout. Add in the team completing aspect Gamora brings and you have a must buy set.


Gamora Nova Minimates 13 Title