Good Smile Company: Figma, Scale Figures & More Toy Fair 2014

Good Smile Company is a worldwide leader in Japanese hobby products and service, including the design, manufacturing and marketing of characters. They are the driving force of Figma brand. Besides Figma figures you also have the Nendoroid series and scale figures. Check out the Attack on Titan Figma figures and the Black Rock Shooter. There is even more in the gallery below so take a look!


IMG_4978_1024x683 IMG_4979_1024x683 IMG_4980_1024x683 IMG_4981_1024x683 IMG_4982_1024x683 IMG_4983_1024x683 IMG_4984_1024x683 IMG_4985_1024x683 IMG_4986_1024x683 IMG_4987_1024x683 IMG_4988_1024x683 IMG_4989_1024x683 IMG_4991_1024x683 IMG_4992_1024x683 IMG_4993_1024x683 IMG_4994_1024x683 IMG_4995_512x768 IMG_4996_512x768 IMG_4997_512x768 IMG_4998_1024x683 IMG_4999_512x768 IMG_5000_512x768 IMG_5001_1024x683 IMG_5002_1024x683 IMG_5003_1024x683 IMG_5004_1024x683 IMG_5005_1024x683 IMG_5006_1024x683 IMG_5007_1024x683 IMG_5008_1024x683 IMG_5009_1024x683 IMG_5010_1024x683 IMG_5011_1024x683 IMG_5012_1024x683 IMG_5013_1024x683g